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Famous People Discuss Legal Matters

21st Century Famous People: Legal Conversation
Elon Musk So, Elon, have you ever looked into EV laws in the Philippines for your Tesla ventures?
Lady Gaga Actually, I’ve been dealing with some contractual issues lately. Do you know if contingent is the same as being under a contract?
Elon Musk I’m not entirely sure about that. But hey, did you know how to take over a company? It’s not as easy as launching a rocket, is it?
Lady Gaga You’re right, Elon. It’s quite a complex process, similar to understanding the legal definition of surgery. Sometimes it feels like a whole new world!
Elon Musk Speaking of navigating complex legal matters, have you ever dealt with an international roaming agreement? It’s like dealing with different space agencies!
Lady Gaga Wow, that sounds intense, Elon! I prefer delving into the chronology for court when I need to understand legal procedures. It helps me stay organized in the legal jungle!