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Rappin’ About Legal and Business Stuff

Legal and Business Stuff – What You Need to Know

Yo, listen up, let’s talk ‘bout the law,

From the death penalty to what you saw,

In China, it’s real strict, they don’t play,

Death penalty laws in China, it’s the only way.

But back in the USA, things are quite different,

With average annual legal fees for small business,

Costin’ a pretty penny, so watch your back,

And don’t get caught up in no legal attack.

Need to write a hire purchase agreement? Don’t you fret,

Just check out this guide, you’ll be all set,

How to write a hire purchase agreement, it’s easy as pie,

With the tips and templates, no need to be shy.

Then there’s the Rayleigh law, a legal principle so fine,

Understand what it means, take some time,

Don’t forget about money laundering legal, laws and regulations so tight,

Keep your business clean, don’t let it take flight.

Got a car? Wanna tint the windows so cool?

But is five percent tint legal? Don’t be a fool,

Check the rules, make sure you’re in the clear,

Before you get pulled over, my dear.

And if you wanna watch HBO Max all day long,

Know the requirements, don’t get it wrong,

It’s all about legal guidelines, so don’t despair,

Just make sure you’re aware.

Need to claim some docs from the hospital, it’s true,

Write an authorization letter, it’s what you gotta do,

And if you’re living in Texas, wondering ‘bout them tickets,

Are camera tickets legal in Texas? No need to get wicked,

Just check the laws, don’t get into a mess,

Stay on the right side, avoid the stress.

Finally, if you’re in Montgomery County, listen up, don’t pout,

Gotta know the laws and everything, no need to doubt,

Stay informed, it’s the key, you see,

Know the law, stay legal, that’s the way to be.

So there you have it, my legal and business rap,

Stay in the know, don’t fall into a trap,

With the right info, you’ll be just fine,

Now go out there and let your business shine!